Wire Wood Wind Release Today! Power Outages, David Suzuki spottings and more!

Today is the day we release Wire Wood Wind into the world and wish it well! Like sending a thousand little ships out to sea, I never know who or what they are going to find out there, what they will return with.

Back to the Woods

See my previous blog post here for the full story. I recorded Wire Wood Wind on my autoharp in Berlin in May 2011 just two months before the dear instrument was thieved from my car in Nanaimo BC! On the EP you’ll hear the work of magician and producer Martyn Heyne of Lichte Studio┬áin Kreuzberg who has worked with bands like Efterklang and Gyda Valtysdottir of mum.

The process of finding a replacement ‘harp has been a windy road, finally leading me to the workshop of Pete D’Aigle, an autoharp innovator in Seattle WA. Profits from Wire Wood Wind will directly fund the purchase of a special custom ‘harp.

Order your copy here – CDs ordered before March 23, 2012 will be personally signed. And you get free Postcards to send to your friends in the mail!

Thanks so much to everyone that has pre-ordered – we have already raised $850 of our $5000 goal! Special thanks to three die-hard fans who generously contributed extra funds toward the ‘harp.

Note! Shows coming up on Quadra Island (home), Victoria, Vancouver, Ste. Anne de Bellevue QC, Wakefield QC and Toronto!

XO Emily

The Road to Town

p.s. we had a HUGE storm here on the island and will be out of power for days. so i’m in the local coffee shop which is the only place on the island besides the gas station with power – it is jam packed with islanders seeking warmth, electricity and that deep dark brew….

p.p.s. even David Suzuki just showed up.

p.p.p.s. i drove the station wagon right under this snapped tree!

One thought on “Wire Wood Wind Release Today! Power Outages, David Suzuki spottings and more!

  1. “Like sending a thousand little ships out to see” If this is a typo, it is a wonderful image. I hope the little ships return to you with a thousand stories of what they have seen. PM

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