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Emily is now performing under her birth name Emily Millard. Her new release Paradise, tour dates and videos can be found at new website,

Germany Paradise Release Tour Dates:

2016-03-18 – Raststätte, Aachen DE

2016-03-19 – Where the Birds Fly House Concert, Düsseldorf DE

2016-03-20 – Wohnzimmer, Plaidt DE

2016-03-22 – Societätstheater, Dresden DE

2016-03-24 – Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock DE

2016-03-26 – Brohmers, Halle DE

2016-04-01 – Club Voltaire, Tübingen DE

2016-04-02 – Volksbad Buckau, Magdeburg DE

2016-04-06 – Dave Lombardo, Berlin DE

2016-04-07 – TiK, Berlin DE

2016-04-08 – Hababusch, Weimar DE

2016-04-09 – Horns Erben, Leipzig DE

2016-04-10 – Café Wagner, Jena DE

Paradise Single Artwork

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