winter recording and eastern fly-by

Photo by Kendall Green

Dear ones,

A new record is written. Funding has arrived. Autumn is me practicing my fingers off. Winter is luxury microphones. Something is coming, a gift to the world.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Folk Music Ontario conference next week, happily connecting with the National folk-roots community. A hotel fully booked with laughter.

Here are my showcase times for those who are filling their dance cards:

Thursday, Oct 16 – 8:00pm, Official Showcase, Plaza B

Friday, Oct 17 – 12:00am – Flohil’s Friends, Room 355; 2:10am – Fresh Folk, Room 350

Saturday, Oct 18 – 11:00pm – Babes for Breasts in the Round, Room 340; 12:30am – Fresh Folk, Room 350; 1:30am – Folk’n Genius, Room 344; 2:00am – Best in the West Song Circle, Room 349

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