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MISS EMILY BROWN | Back to the Woods

March 8, 2012 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

The ever-elegant voiced Miss Emily Brown will be releasing a new EP, “Wire Wood Wind”, on March 13. It’s a sort of way to raise money to acquire a new autoharp after her heirloom was stolen. The new experimental record is a collaboration with Martyn Heyne (Efterklang, Gyda Valtysdottir) — who if based on the wanderlust single, “Back to the Woods”, provides a textured sonic sound as accompaniment to Emily’s satiny swaying. If we take the album title and the opening lyrics of the single,“Back to the woods, the spell has been broken …”, there’s a sense this record could be an escape into a more solitary, personal sound. “Back to the Woods” feels like the beautiful melding of natural elements with electronic soundscaping. Emily’s emotive singing style and soul-searching autoharp chords melt like icing over the top of a dark tremor, twittering electronics, and sonar-like reverb. It’s a stunningly moving combination, that teems with fragility under it’s calming veneer. If you pre-order the album now (before March 22) you can get your copy signed by Miss Emily Brown herself. Click here to go to her website for more details. She’s just set up atwitter account, so be sure to follow her there and at facebook. You can stream “Back to the Woods” courtesy of CBCMusic’s website hereNote: Photo from artist’s official website, taken by Orion Cleasby. – David D. Robbins Jr. 

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