Photo by Kendall Green

winter recording and eastern fly-by

Dear ones,

A new record is written. Funding has arrived. Autumn is me practicing my fingers off. Winter is luxury microphones. Something is coming, a gift to the world.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Folk Music Ontario conference next week, happily connecting with the National folk-roots community. A hotel fully booked with laughter.

Here are my showcase times for those who are filling their dance cards:

Thursday, Oct 16 – 8:00pm, Official Showcase, Plaza B

Friday, Oct 17 – 12:00am – Flohil’s Friends, Room 355; 2:10am – Fresh Folk, Room 350

Saturday, Oct 18 – 11:00pm – Babes for Breasts in the Round, Room 340; 12:30am – Fresh Folk, Room 350; 1:30am – Folk’n Genius, Room 344; 2:00am – Best in the West Song Circle, Room 349

Anorak - Wooden Peak (Miss Emily Brown & Alexander Binder RMX)

Miss Emily Brown collaborates with German artist Alexander Binder on Wooden Peak’s “POLAR Revisited”

I am pleased to announce the release of a new single, Anorak, a re-interpretation of the original by German experimental duo Wooden Peak that I created in collaboration with German electronic artist Alexander Binder.

Wooden Peak recently released a full-length record entitled Polar. They have now compiled a response album entitled Polar Revisited on which each track is covered or remixed by different members of their wide reaching musical community. The album is supported by independent German label Analogsoul.
While on tour in Germany in January 2014, I recorded my parts for this new version of Anorak at the Wooden Peak studio in Leipzig. The tracks were then sent over to Alexander Binder for audio sculpting. The resulting track is an explosion of sound by two artists who have never met!
Today marks the pre-release of Anorak. Hear it HERE! For more info, visit the Analogsoul site. The full release will take place on June 20, 2014 at which time the entire Polar Revisited will be available for free download from the Wooden Peak official site.
Miss Emily Brown live at Brohmers, Halle DE, Feb 2014

Paradise Live in Kiel DE

Dear friends,

I write to you from a treehouse on the Montreal plateau from which perch I am gathering together details for the recording of my upcoming solo album. Things are getting exciting and that’s all I can say for now. AND! I will soon announce an Ontario/Quebec tour for June/July 2014 with one of my favourite singer-songwriters.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this live performance of new song Paradise, from the upcoming record. It’s from a show opening for the Alin Coen Band in Kiel, Germany in January and it features members of my musical family abroad: Jan Frisch (guitar), Hannes Huefken (bass), Fabian Stevens (drums), filmed by Henriette Grueber. Enjoy!