Paradise is a Record Made

5008c6c4-6bdb-42b5-9d08-0e0d5a86339fYou can’t rush a good thing.

And while you’re waiting you canwrite a lot of poems.

Dear lovers of art, of life:

As some of you may know, I have justfinished recording a new album. Some of these songs were written three years ago, some of them three months ago. The most important lesson I’ve learned making records over the years is: You can’t rush a good thing.

First, I chose to wait for proper funding. Then for producer Sandro Perri. And finally, for engineer John Raham at Afterlife studio, Vancouver, who keeps the tape reel sweetly hissing.86174b01-6acd-4b80-9306-e96046bc1cb5While I was waiting, I wrote a lot of poems.

In April we sprung into action. I was a true pleasure to play with Colin Nealis (bass), Dan Gaucher (drums), Jesse Zubot (violin), Peggy Lee (cello), Henry Lee (viola). We finished off the vocals and woodwinds at 6 Nassau studio in Kensington Market, Toronto, with Ernie Tollar on flutes & reeds and Jeremy Strachan on bass clarinet.

e9d85122-388b-41df-a1d5-ce85e9d62289We’re now in the mixing phase! I can’t wait to get the music to you, but so far what’s made this record what it is, is patience. I’m hoping we can all have a listening party together in October of this year.

Coming up real soon, I’ll be performing at Tiny Lights Festival in Ymir BC on the weekend of June 12-14. If you’ve never been, this is a sweet festival worth travelling to, and it’s a beautiful road trip.
Album release tour plans are taking shape for Canada and Germany in late 2015 into 2016. Let me know if you have a venue request!

Many well wishes for a fruitful growing season, and dear thanks for your support and love of music-making!

xo Em

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