New releases and tour dates at

Emily is now performing under her birth name Emily Millard. Her new release Paradise, tour dates and videos can be found at new website,

Germany Paradise Release Tour Dates:

2016-03-18 – Raststätte, Aachen DE

2016-03-19 – Where the Birds Fly House Concert, Düsseldorf DE

2016-03-20 – Wohnzimmer, Plaidt DE

2016-03-22 – Societätstheater, Dresden DE

2016-03-24 – Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock DE

2016-03-26 – Brohmers, Halle DE

2016-04-01 – Club Voltaire, Tübingen DE

2016-04-02 – Volksbad Buckau, Magdeburg DE

2016-04-06 – Dave Lombardo, Berlin DE

2016-04-07 – TiK, Berlin DE

2016-04-08 – Hababusch, Weimar DE

2016-04-09 – Horns Erben, Leipzig DE

2016-04-10 – Café Wagner, Jena DE

Paradise Single Artwork

Miss Emily Brown to Emily Millard

em prism lookingDear Friends,

I am excited to announce that I will be making a shift in my artist name in preparation for my new 2016 releases. I’ll be dropping my moniker and releasing my new music under my birth name, Emily Millard.

Miss Emily Brown will always be part of who I am. It is a charmed name that was given to me by my first artistic community in Victoria BC, back in 2002. The name was created one famous day after first year university exams, when my friend Emilie and I decided to become roommates. She had luminescent blonde hair, practically white. I was a brunette like always. We were dubbed Emilie White and Emily Brown, the ‘Emilies’, and together we were known as The Beige.

When I played my first show later that year, everyone thought Emily Brown was my real name. I wanted people to come to my show, so I put Emily Brown on the poster. A friend added the Miss (maybe it was Chris Nohr?) as a final touch, like the icing on the cake.

I played under this moniker for fourteen years. I treasure this name, but it is time to cut out the middle-woman and offer my art directly, without a filter —be it stage name, brand, or anything else that feels less than completely authentic.

I invite you to follow me under this new name, new website and new social media accounts. There is so much art coming that I’ve been working on over the last three years.

Thank you dearly for your ongoing support of my work. For sharing in this artistic journey, for sharing yourselves with me along the way.

From the heart, Emily. (Millard). xo

p.s. here’s a link to a ‘best of’ photo album I made from pics over the last ten years

Paradise is a Record Made

5008c6c4-6bdb-42b5-9d08-0e0d5a86339fYou can’t rush a good thing.

And while you’re waiting you canwrite a lot of poems.

Dear lovers of art, of life:

As some of you may know, I have justfinished recording a new album. Some of these songs were written three years ago, some of them three months ago. The most important lesson I’ve learned making records over the years is: You can’t rush a good thing.

First, I chose to wait for proper funding. Then for producer Sandro Perri. And finally, for engineer John Raham at Afterlife studio, Vancouver, who keeps the tape reel sweetly hissing.86174b01-6acd-4b80-9306-e96046bc1cb5While I was waiting, I wrote a lot of poems.

In April we sprung into action. I was a true pleasure to play with Colin Nealis (bass), Dan Gaucher (drums), Jesse Zubot (violin), Peggy Lee (cello), Henry Lee (viola). We finished off the vocals and woodwinds at 6 Nassau studio in Kensington Market, Toronto, with Ernie Tollar on flutes & reeds and Jeremy Strachan on bass clarinet.

e9d85122-388b-41df-a1d5-ce85e9d62289We’re now in the mixing phase! I can’t wait to get the music to you, but so far what’s made this record what it is, is patience. I’m hoping we can all have a listening party together in October of this year.

Coming up real soon, I’ll be performing at Tiny Lights Festival in Ymir BC on the weekend of June 12-14. If you’ve never been, this is a sweet festival worth travelling to, and it’s a beautiful road trip.
Album release tour plans are taking shape for Canada and Germany in late 2015 into 2016. Let me know if you have a venue request!

Many well wishes for a fruitful growing season, and dear thanks for your support and love of music-making!

xo Em

Photo by Kendall Green

winter recording and eastern fly-by

Dear ones,

A new record is written. Funding has arrived. Autumn is me practicing my fingers off. Winter is luxury microphones. Something is coming, a gift to the world.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Folk Music Ontario conference next week, happily connecting with the National folk-roots community. A hotel fully booked with laughter.

Here are my showcase times for those who are filling their dance cards:

Thursday, Oct 16 – 8:00pm, Official Showcase, Plaza B

Friday, Oct 17 – 12:00am – Flohil’s Friends, Room 355; 2:10am – Fresh Folk, Room 350

Saturday, Oct 18 – 11:00pm – Babes for Breasts in the Round, Room 340; 12:30am – Fresh Folk, Room 350; 1:30am – Folk’n Genius, Room 344; 2:00am – Best in the West Song Circle, Room 349

Anorak - Wooden Peak (Miss Emily Brown & Alexander Binder RMX)

Miss Emily Brown collaborates with German artist Alexander Binder on Wooden Peak’s “POLAR Revisited”

I am pleased to announce the release of a new single, Anorak, a re-interpretation of the original by German experimental duo Wooden Peak that I created in collaboration with German electronic artist Alexander Binder.

Wooden Peak recently released a full-length record entitled Polar. They have now compiled a response album entitled Polar Revisited on which each track is covered or remixed by different members of their wide reaching musical community. The album is supported by independent German label Analogsoul.
While on tour in Germany in January 2014, I recorded my parts for this new version of Anorak at the Wooden Peak studio in Leipzig. The tracks were then sent over to Alexander Binder for audio sculpting. The resulting track is an explosion of sound by two artists who have never met!
Today marks the pre-release of Anorak. Hear it HERE! For more info, visit the Analogsoul site. The full release will take place on June 20, 2014 at which time the entire Polar Revisited will be available for free download from the Wooden Peak official site.
Recollections from my  Germany Tour 2011

Germany Tour 2014

Friends, I’m delighted to announce that I will be returning to Germany in January 2014 for a string of dates supporting my dear friends, the Alin Coen Band. I will post the dates and cities very soon, just a few loose ends to tie up in the plans.

In other news, I have an album’s worth of new songs and am scouting out the best possible way to capture them and hurry them straight to your divine listening ears!I have undergone some intense writing periods over the last year and a half and the results are deeply satisfying and very personal. I’m so thankful for good friends and fellow artists who keep me convinced to keep going.

“You’re not crazy, you’re a poet!”

Peace and love. e.

missemilybrown unstrung

Summer Dates: Festivals, Garden Parties & Tiny Theatres

Summer road tripping has begun after some intensive solo rehearsing in the dome. Going to be trying out some new songs tomorrow night, the first of my summer dates. Promise to snap some pictures! Wish me luck xx

June 13 – The Wild Scallion, Penticton BC (solo MEB w Chimney Swallows)
June 15-16 – Tiny Lights Festival, Ymir BC (MEB, Morlove)
June 18 – House Concert, Gibsons BC (MEB w Chimney Swallows)
 June 19 – Cranberry Community Hall, Powell River BC (MEB w CS)
June 20 – Merlin’s Sun Theatre, Victoria BC (MEB w CS)
June 21, 22 – Campbell Bay Music Festival (MEB)
July 26-27 – Kispiox Music Festival, Hazelton BC (Morlove)
August 2-4 – Artswells Festival, Wells BC (MEB, Morlove)
Further Details under ‘Shows’


Morlove Releases new album Old Tomorrow Tues April 23rd with Tour Dates in BC, AB, ON and QC!

I’m overjoyed to announce that my band Morlove will release our new album Old Tomorrow on Tuesday April 23, 2013. Find all the details, videos, pics, album stream at

Here’s the album cover – the artwork is a real quilt made for us by Toronto textile artist Louise Dixon.

We will immediately jump in the band wagon with dates in BC, AB, ON and QC between April 24-May 22, 2013. Hope to see you somewhere along the way!

Here is a list of the tour dates:

April 24 – Cumberland BC – The Cumberland Hotel
April 25 – Victoria BC – Merlin Sun Theatre
April 26 – Shawnigan Lake BC – O.U.R. Ecovillage
April 27 – Errington BC – Errington Hall
April 29 – Vancouver BC – The Media Club
April 30 – Sunnybrae BC – House Concert – contact for details
May 1 – Invermere BC – Buds Bar and Lounge
May 2 – Calgary AB – The Cliff House with Kris Ellestad – contact
May 3 – Edmonton AB – The Haven
May 4 – Jasper AB – Jasper Legion
May 5 – Chase BC – Golden Ears Coop Farm
May 16 – Kemptville ON – The Branch
May 17 – Ottawa ON – The Gallery Studios
May 18 – Toronto ON – TBA
May 19 – Hamilton ON – The Baltimore Hotel with Wax Mannequin and The Donefors
May 21 – Iroquois ON – St. John’s Anglican Church
May 22 – Montreal QC – Casa Del Popolo