Songs for Foreign Seas: In Technicolor

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Chills go down my spine when I listen to Miss Emily Brown’s album, “Part Of You Pours Out Of Me.”  When I hear it, I am swept away to this far off land of shrouded mystery where any kind of musical idea is possible.  Music box, autoharp, pianet, and a few other ever-so-slightly out of tune instruments play prominent roles in her songs. Her ethereal vocals deliver lyrics straight out of a Rainer Maria Rilke collection to form this swirling murk, deep and dark, feeling very familiar in an unsettling, cold rainy day sort of way.  I’m beginning to think Emily isn’t even a real person.

It is extremely difficult to find an accurate description for this Toronto-based singer’s album.  If I had to choose one vague adjective phrase, I would place it somewhere around “Alternative Downtempo, Chillout Spook Singalong Neo-Folk.”

Try listening to this with the lights out for a really great ghost story, or while aboard a rickety paddle boat going through a foggy Louisiana bayou to visit a haunted mansion.

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