Update: One week left to raise $1480 for the Replacement Autoharp of Dreams

Dear friends,

First of all, thank you SO much for your CD and download orders of Wire Wood Wind EP and other donations above and beyond.

Through online orders, half a dozen live events and gifts from friends and family, we’ve raised $2620. That leaves $1480 left to go. The total goal of $4100 covers the manufacturing of 1000 copies of the fundraiser EP Wire Wood Wind and the cost of a custom built autoharp by Pete D’Aigle of D’Aigle Harps in Seattle WA. For the full story click HERE.

The autoharp is now built and ready for pickup in Seattle, so that’s just where I’m headed That gives us one week to raise the final $1480!

Please order your copy of Wire Wood Wind EP HERE and forward the link to friends and family that might also enjoy it.

Thanks so much everyone! I’m really looking forward to writing some new music on this amazing instrument.



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