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Summer Dates: Festivals, Garden Parties & Tiny Theatres

Summer road tripping has begun after some intensive solo rehearsing in the dome. Going to be trying out some new songs tomorrow night, the first of my summer dates. Promise to snap some pictures! Wish me luck xx

June 13 – The Wild Scallion, Penticton BC (solo MEB w Chimney Swallows)
June 15-16 – Tiny Lights Festival, Ymir BC (MEB, Morlove)
June 18 – House Concert, Gibsons BC (MEB w Chimney Swallows)
 June 19 – Cranberry Community Hall, Powell River BC (MEB w CS)
June 20 – Merlin’s Sun Theatre, Victoria BC (MEB w CS)
June 21, 22 – Campbell Bay Music Festival (MEB)
July 26-27 – Kispiox Music Festival, Hazelton BC (Morlove)
August 2-4 – Artswells Festival, Wells BC (MEB, Morlove)
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Morlove Releases new album Old Tomorrow Tues April 23rd with Tour Dates in BC, AB, ON and QC!

I’m overjoyed to announce that my band Morlove will release our new album Old Tomorrow on Tuesday April 23, 2013. Find all the details, videos, pics, album stream at www.morlove.ca.

Here’s the album cover – the artwork is a real quilt made for us by Toronto textile artist Louise Dixon.

We will immediately jump in the band wagon with dates in BC, AB, ON and QC between April 24-May 22, 2013. Hope to see you somewhere along the way!

Here is a list of the tour dates:

April 24 – Cumberland BC – The Cumberland Hotel
April 25 – Victoria BC – Merlin Sun Theatre
April 26 – Shawnigan Lake BC – O.U.R. Ecovillage
April 27 – Errington BC – Errington Hall
April 29 – Vancouver BC – The Media Club
April 30 – Sunnybrae BC – House Concert – contact info@morlove.ca for details
May 1 – Invermere BC – Buds Bar and Lounge
May 2 – Calgary AB – The Cliff House with Kris Ellestad – contact info@morlove.ca
May 3 – Edmonton AB – The Haven
May 4 – Jasper AB – Jasper Legion
May 5 – Chase BC – Golden Ears Coop Farm
May 16 – Kemptville ON – The Branch
May 17 – Ottawa ON – The Gallery Studios
May 18 – Toronto ON – TBA
May 19 – Hamilton ON – The Baltimore Hotel with Wax Mannequin and The Donefors
May 21 – Iroquois ON – St. John’s Anglican Church
May 22 – Montreal QC – Casa Del Popolo

Morlove Records at the Dome

Morlove Records New Album

Where is Emily Brown? Why isn’t she playing any shows? Friends, we’ve been busy recording Old Tomorrow, the new Morlove record. For those who haven’t heard, Morlove is the band I started with my good friend Corwin Fox. We write all the songs together and then invite our ridiculously talented friends to play on them. Namely Hannah Epperson on violin, Christina Zaenker on cello, Jake Jenne on drums and special guests like Neil Burnett on the harp and Manjinder Benning on tablas. We are lucky to know these incredible people!

Over the last two years we’ve been writing an album based on the theme of Pattern. Using patterns in nature, patterns humans have based on nature (weaving, architectural, musical scales), and patterns in human behaviour, we have written a collection of songs to attempt to reconnect individuals to their communities and surroundings.
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A Harp finds its Home

Well friends, we did it! We raised $4000 through Wire Wood Wind sales and additional donations to fund the making of this beautiful autoharp and to cover the costs of EP duplication. A successful fundraiser indeed. I picked up the ‘harp on the way through Seattle last week and have been getting to know her chords and strings. There is a remarkable clarity in her tone and wait til you hear her through a sound system! Bass galore!

So here’s a pic of the beauty and once again thank you all for your support! I also assure you that I have here the paperwork for full-on international instrument insurance so this doesn’t happen again…!

Miss EMily BroWN

Back to the Woods directed by Van Royko

Back to the Woods directed by Van Royko

Springtime in Montreal inspired Van Royko and I to capture ‘Back to the Woods’ in its appropo setting. Featured is a harp from D’Aigleharps on loan until mine is finished. To support the cause, please order a copy of Wire Wood Wind click here! Video sound by Emory Murchison and sound mix by Kyle Stanfield.

Update: One week left to raise $1480 for the Replacement Autoharp of Dreams

Dear friends,

First of all, thank you SO much for your CD and download orders of Wire Wood Wind EP and other donations above and beyond.

Through online orders, half a dozen live events and gifts from friends and family, we’ve raised $2620. That leaves $1480 left to go. The total goal of $4100 covers the manufacturing of 1000 copies of the fundraiser EP Wire Wood Wind and the cost of a custom built autoharp by Pete D’Aigle of D’Aigle Harps in Seattle WA. For the full story click HERE.

The autoharp is now built and ready for pickup in Seattle, so that’s just where I’m headed That gives us one week to raise the final $1480!

Please order your copy of Wire Wood Wind EP HERE and forward the link to friends and family that might also enjoy it.

Thanks so much everyone! I’m really looking forward to writing some new music on this amazing instrument.




Review of Wire Wood Wind by Broden Terry on Absolutepunk.net

Miss Emily Brown – Wire Wood Wind

Reviewed by: Broden Terry (03/13/12)

Miss Emily Brown – Wire Wood Wind
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: March 13th, 2012

Everyone has that one component within a piece of music that they’re able to gravitate towards more than any other. It can be as simple as drawing an audience in with lovely high-rising vocal harmonies, or it could all depend on whether the primary songwriter is able to captivate and utterly absorb their listener within the themes and topics that their lyrics touch upon. For me personally, I happen to fall firmly into the latter category. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the countless other facets that go into crafting a beautiful track or a captivating full-length, but the ability to weave a compelling narrative, to recount a distant memory, or even to create a track that embraces the art of a fictional scenario is what I’m often unequivocally drawn towards. Thankfully, there are independent artists such as the lovely, Emily Millard (who performs under the moniker of Miss Emily Brown), that place an enormous amount of emphasis and attention to detail within every individual lyric they put to paper. At times her words are cloaked in metaphorical wordplay, and at other times they’re alarmingly direct and intent upon wounding, yet when you also factor in the poetic flair, the inventive instrumentation, and the fleeting traces of nostalgic melancholy found in even her earliest recordings, it becomes clear that Millard’s tracks are as inviting as they are beautifully and thoughtfully written.
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Wire Wood Wind Release Today! Power Outages, David Suzuki spottings and more!

Today is the day we release Wire Wood Wind into the world and wish it well! Like sending a thousand little ships out to sea, I never know who or what they are going to find out there, what they will return with.

Back to the Woods

See my previous blog post here for the full story. I recorded Wire Wood Wind on my autoharp in Berlin in May 2011 just two months before the dear instrument was thieved from my car in Nanaimo BC! On the EP you’ll hear the work of magician and producer Martyn Heyne of Lichte Studio in Kreuzberg who has worked with bands like Efterklang and Gyda Valtysdottir of mum. Continue reading