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Morlove Records at the Dome

Where is Emily Brown? Why isn’t she playing any shows? Friends, we’ve been busy recording Old Tomorrow, the new Morlove record. For those who haven’t heard, Morlove is the band I started with my good friend Corwin Fox. We write all the songs together and then invite our ridiculously talented friends to play on them. Namely Hannah Epperson on violin, Christina Zaenker on cello, Jake Jenne on drums and special guests like Neil Burnett on the harp and Manjinder Benning on tablas. We are lucky to know these incredible people!

Over the last two years we’ve been writing an album based on the theme of Pattern. Using patterns in nature, patterns humans have based on nature (weaving, architectural, musical scales), and patterns in human behaviour, we have written a collection of songs to attempt to reconnect individuals to their communities and surroundings.

First we spent a week at Dove Creek Studio in Comox BC. Jake Jenne flew in from Toronto to record the drums. We had a blast with studio owner Paul Keim and his wife Mary (and their bute dog Rory!). Jake is an extremely creative drummer and for the most part we let him loose.



Then we gathered on Quadra Island for live-off-the-floor recordings and over-dubs in a two story geodesic dome! We jumped in lakes and ocean, we ate the garden, had dance parties, had amazing conversations, there were smoothies everyday, it was a dream.



Can’t wait to share this new music with you all, but for now we are working on the finishing touches. Expect the release of Old Tomorrow early in the new year. For details check here:

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